Microscopy in PowerPoint

We have developed a solution with which you can integrate your Smart Zoom slides into your PowerPoint presentations. With this solution and an internet connection, you do not have to switch between PowerPoint and Smart Zoom, but can diretly present microscopy “hands on”.

If you want to switch off annotations, implement a rotation, etc to your slides in PowerPoint, please contact us for more instructions!

What do I need to integrate my Smart Zoom slides into Powerpoint?

  1. Watch the video to get a quick tour.
  2. Download and install Liveslides from https://www.liveslides.com. Please note: Liveslides was not developed by Smart In Media and we do not take any responsibility and do not give any liability for this 3rd-party-solution.
  3. In your admin panel of Smart Zoom, click on a slide and open the Info-tab. Copy the link provided under “iFrame”.
  4. In PowerPoint, under the tab “Liveslides”, click on Liveslide and insert the link with CTRL + V (German keyboard: STRG + V)
  5. Now, you can resize the frame. We recommend to take the full screen (there is no full screen mode implemented in liveslide yet).
  6. You will see the slide in the presentation mode (key “F5” in PowerPoint).