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Smart Zoom is an online e-learning platform for digital microscopy – created by physicians for physicians and medical students. With Smart Zoom, you can access your histology slides or other high-resolution medical images from anywhere at any time. You can easily add expert annotations and let your students learn with this innovative virtual microscopy solution. Universities are connected to each other within the Smart Zoom network and can share slides. Just send us a message or call us at +49-221 27726978!

By lecturers for lecturers

Alberto Perez Bouza, M. D.


“I invented Smart Zoom to explain students world-wide the complex mechanisms of medicine”

Martin Weihrauch, M. D.

Hematologist / Oncologist

“I work continuously on Smart Zoom to make the system faster, more intuitive and more interactive on alle devices”

Smart Zoom on mobile devices

Smart Zoom works on all computers and mobile devices!


"Smart Zoom is a valuable, flexible and easy-to-use tool for virtual microscopy and a perfect addition to our microscopy course and other lectures."
Prof. Dr. Nicolaus Friedrichs Pathologist University of Cologne
"Smart Zoom is a fantastic addition for our hematologic microscopy courses. The usability and speed are incredible."
Prof. Dr. Karl-Anton Kreuzer Hematologist, University of Cologne
"Smart Zoom is an excellent companion of the microscopic and macroscopic anatomy courses. It enables students to learn with the original course slides at any time and anywhere."
Dr. Stefanie Schliwa Anatomist, University of Bonn
"Smart Zoom is a particularly user-friendly platform, which highly motivates students to learn histology. The easy and flexible access to multiple operating systems and devices is extraordinary"
Dr. Veysel Oedemis Anatomist, University of Oldenburg
Smart Hematology is an outstanding educational resource and a wonderful step forward in hematology education.
Vivek Upadhyay, M. D. Mass General Hospital, Boston

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